Make USB WiFi Dongle rtl8812au works on Nano

Here is the step to make the USB WiFi Dongle chipset rtl8812au (0bda:a811 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.) works on jetson-nano:
Out of box L4T don’t have driver for this rtl8812au chipset. so we need to install the driver manually.

Following command needs to be executed on terminal window:

  1. sudo apt install git
  2. sudo apt install dkms
  3. git clone
  4. cd rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux
  5. sudo make -f Makefile.dkms install
  6. reboot the jetson-nano, your WiFi will be up now!
  7. Some useful command to check the status f driver and device:
    dkms status
    iw phy

Great! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! All works!

Thanks, it worked for me too.

Heads up - the latest commit to the repo in step 3 breaks wifi.

Using an older version (d277c3681ead3ff35169d19fbf119c2d4956b275) will fix it.

to use the older version add the following command between steps 3 and 4.

git checkout d277c3681ead3ff35169d19fbf119c2d4956b275

If you’ve already built and installed the broken driver you’ll have to disable the broken driver before you re-building/installing the working version. There’s probably a better way to do this but what I did was:

cd find / -name "*rtl8812au*"

That should return a .so file somewhere. Delete or rename that file. Then re-start the process of installing with the older version.

the driver works. but I could not see any network.
any idea?

the driver is not working.
you need to use instead.


Following @nomidia suggestion, here is the script for installing the driver:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dkms
git clone -b v5.6.4.2 && cd rtl8812au
sed -i 's/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = y/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = n/g' Makefile
sudo ./ && sudo reboot

The WiFi module should work flawlessly with newly installed driver.

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@yahya_qlue , I’m going to install the driver in my jetson nano 2gb, are these steps applicable now as well…?

@yahya_qlue i can’t find any file. How to find that file?

there is no in this directory