Make USB3 port use USB2

I want one of the USB3 ports on the Jetson use USB2 instead. We are using a ConnectTech Elroy board with the TX2. Since the USB controller doesn’t use PCI I guess I can’t use setpci. Is editing the device tree the only way to do this?

If this is custom carrier board, you should contact the vendor.

This is a carrier board from connecttech, and also this doesn’t answer my question. Is there no way to set a USB3 port as USB2? On a normal PCI system you can use setpci in userspace.

If you don’t know what I tired to say. Let me explain this more clearly.

  1. No, you can only modify it with device tree. Tegra usb has nothing to do with PCI.

  2. We cannot teach you how to modify device tree because it is board from other vendor. So we don’t have the schematic of their board. You have to check with them and confirm if their board design allows this.

Is it ok to understand now?

The first bullet point was the only thing my question was asking. Thanks.

Not what you wanted, but if you just need a way to test, you could put a USB2-only HUB in front of it to force it to go back to USB2. Sorry, don’t know of any other way which is permanent.

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