Make use of the ignition switch signal

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Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit

Hello, on the harness there is a KL15 Banana plug that is supposed to be plugged to simulate “turning the ignition switch to the On position”. So if I understand well, this plug should be fed 12V when the car is on, very nice.

But how do I make use of this signal ? I would like the AGX Pegasus to turn on when the KL15 Banana plug circuit is closed and then turn off when the circuit is open. How can I do that ?

Thanks !

A banana plug is used for the KL15 functionality.
For lab use, the KL15 gets 12V power from the banana jack by connecting the plug and
the jack together. On the developer system cable harness, if the source of KL15 is not
coming from the cable harness KL30_VBAT power input, NVIDIA recommends adding
a 125mA fuse between the banana jack/plug (see P1/P3 in Figure 3-3).
In the vehicle, the KL15 source may be connected to the power-on switch for wake-up
functionality. Note that the wake-up feature needs software support before it is
functional. Please refer to the latest NVIDIA documents: DRIVE Software Release Notes
and DRIVE OS with DriveWorks Release Notes for more details.

Hello and thanks for your message.

You mentioned Figure 3-3, but in which documentation can I find this figure ?

Also : DRIVE Software 10.0 Release Notes (PDF) does not contain anything about ‘KLK15’, ignition or ‘wake-up’, same with DRIVE OS with DriveWorks Release Notes

Could you please give more details how to enable it ?
Thanks !


Got confirmation from Nvidia that the NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit doesn’t make any use of the KL15 and that it’s not possible to use it.