make: /usr/local/matlab/bin/mexext: Command not found CUDA for MATLAB on a Mac

Hi all,
I installed successfully the CUDA driver (4.0.50 version), the toolkit and the SDK (4.5.017 versions) on my MacBook pro. I ran some sample applications (like the “deviceQuery”) without any problem.

Then, I downloaded and configurated the CUDA_MATLAB plugin for Linux. The difficult part comes when I try to make files using MATLAB. I have changed the file as it is explained in Nonetheless, the next message appears on the MATLAB command line:

make: /usr/local/matlab/bin/mexext: Command not found
make: *** No rule to make target fft2_cuda.', needed by all’. Stop.

I am using MATLAB 2007b and Mac OS X 10.7.1. Please, I need your help.

Thank you in advance, Lola.