Make wheels rolling?

I am making a brownstone scene with a lots of pedestrians and cars too. I bought these cars from Unreal Marketplace:

But when I convert the scene to USD from UE, I get this in Create:

So all 4 wheels and the base are as one MESH called “section0”

How can I export from UE so I get separate meshes for wheels so I can animate them to roll ?


I tried exporting with this option:
“export sublevels as sublayers”

No difference :/

Hi Pekka, did you check original UE asset? I think it combined the 4 wheels into one section.

It just 1:1 mapping UE section to usd mesh now in UE connector. We didn’t use GeoSubset because of rendering issue. But we won’t add or remove anything in UE section.

HI! super fast anwer :)

Yes I checked it out, and it looks like they are combined…
But I thought it is possible to export these as separate since they roll individually in UE anyway:


Pekka, I think you exported the wrong mesh. The cars in the map are all static meshes. You should export the ones inside Skeletons, they’re skeletal meshes, can manipulate the wheels

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totally new stuff for me these skeletons. I try this thanks you Julian!!

Exporting from skeletons was not successful.
Please see the video I made… They are still on one big mesh:

Looks like this is just not possible, I may have to change the cars…

You’re close to it:

  1. You don’t need to export Physics Asset, we don’t support that.
  2. You exported the skeletal mesh, and it showed well in Create, that’s good.
  3. Did you see the skeleton and the joints? There’re 4 joints to control the 4 wheels.

That´s it :)
Thank you Julian!

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