Making mlx90614 work with the Jetson

Did anyone ever manage to get an mlx90614 IR temperature sensor be recognized by the Jetson?
There are several threads in the forums on the matter such as:

None of them provide any specific solution to connect the mlx90614 to a Jetson via I2C and get the Jetson to detect the sensor.

Please advise!

Maybe you should consult with vendor to get support.


Hey, @ShaneCCC thanks for the quick reply.
The sensor works great with any other platform, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, you name it.

It seems like the problem has something to do with the Jetson.

First you may check if i2c able detest the device. If not you need to check the HW connection.
Second check the driver is include the kernel image.

Hey @ShaneCCC the jetson does not detect the device, (I tried both i2cdetect and i2cget).
I did multiple tests as I described here: I2c Jetson nano - #51 by yurikleb

I’m certain it is not a HW connection problem as other frameworks (such as a raspberryPi) detect the device right away.

How can I check “driver is included in the kernel image.”?
But even if there is no driver in the kernel, i2cdetect and i2cget should show some device aren’t they?

If i2cdetect unable detect I don’t think the driver could work.
Please probe the signal to check the device was ack for i2c command.

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