Making Progress Cuda SDK Project simpleD3D9

im having a problem with the cuda sdk project “simpleD3D9”

when using vs 2005 express i get these errors.

here are pics of my vs 2005 express paths…

i can do all other projects in the Cuda SDK Projects…well i havent checked everyone but alot more are working then they used to.

50 views and not one reply?

I thought I posted everything that someone experienced could see and find the problem pretty quickly.

If I am missing something that you need to make your conclusion I would gladly add it.

You probably need the DirectX SDK to compile DirectX samples?

Don’t mess with those for now. Look at the samples that don’t need directx (they just do some computations and show you a console window).

EDIT: I see you installed the DX SDK. Anyway, most people on this forum don’t know much about it.

i tried to add the dirext SDK and made the custom build command to not use the platform sdk

but i still didnt have any luck…

i just UN-installed EVERYTHING and was waiting to see if anyone was going to reply on vs 2008 working with cuda somehow.

then i was going to reinstall and try and get that to work with cuda…so i waiting on some info that someone has cuda working with vs 2008 :)

i hope someone has it working.

The thing to do is:

Forget vs 2008

Don’t try samples that use directx/opengl

installed ubuntu 8.04

everything was working in less then 2hrs from the times i inserted the ubuntu 8.04 cd

i am so happy everything is working.

you can ignore this thread or not respond to it as i have moved off the windows platform and onto linux :)

now maybe i can get some work done :)

Well, you forgot vs 2008 and directx, alright