Making REST API calls using gstnvmsgbroker

Hi Guys,

I wish to make rest API calls from within gstnvmsgbroker plugin. From my understanding, I feel I need to edit the function “gst_nvmsgbroker_render” where there is nvds_msgapi_send_async call being invoked.

I am planning to use libcurl for this.

Kindly let me know if my understanding is right and which library would be the best for this purpose and how to go about making the necessary changes.


I think these code should be modified to yours.

self->nvds_msgapi_connect = (nvds_msgapi_connect_ptr) dlsym (self->libHandle, "nvds_msgapi_connect");
  self->nvds_msgapi_send = (nvds_msgapi_send_ptr) dlsym (self->libHandle, "nvds_msgapi_send");
  self->nvds_msgapi_disconnect = (nvds_msgapi_disconnect_ptr) dlsym (self->libHandle, "nvds_msgapi_disconnect");
  if (self->asyncSend) {
    self->nvds_msgapi_send_async = (nvds_msgapi_send_async_ptr) dlsym (self->libHandle, "nvds_msgapi_send_async");
    self->nvds_msgapi_do_work = (nvds_msgapi_do_work_ptr) dlsym (self->libHandle, "nvds_msgapi_do_work");