Malfunctioning communication between monitor and OS (black screen stays black after turn off)


Sorry for no error report. There is no error. Drivers are not working as they should in my simple opinion.

The problem is that I cannot turn my monitor off, because there is no way to get it back on (working).
Only option is restarting the system.
Same situation is there with the black screen. Once my monitor is in standby mode it won’t go back on (using Ubuntu).

I thought this should be the solution:
(Because my monitor is not mentioned in the GUI of NVIDIA X Server Settings)

"nvidia-xconfig --custom-edid=“GPU-0.DFP-3:/home/nvidia/edid-alien.txt”

But it’s not working for me. Replacing DFP-3 by HDMI-1 or just HDMI has the same effect.
Terminal says >

Which would mean “give me more (or more correct probably better) code”.

Yeah I know. I am not a developer and I am not ashamed. Also I think I should not have to be a developer to let my monitor work after a successful driver install.

Here is information about my stuff:
OS: Ubuntu 21.10
NVIDIA metapackage nvidia-driver-470
GPU: GTX 1080ti
Monitor: ASUS ProArt PA329Q, 32" 4K Ultra HD Monitor
Cable: HDMI to HDMI

My system is dual boot (with Windows 10). The monitor is working as it should since 2017 (on Windows 10). Although I think the same problem was there in the beginning with Windows.

So it’s not the hardware. It can only be the software.

I really hope you can help.


Ok, a little update.
Downgrading to the 450 package as suggested here:

Does make my monitor behave as it should.
Although I think other problems appear. As for example temporary no internet connection. Probably it’s got something to do with a gdm3 crash. But I really don’t know what I’m typing about.

Thanks a lot for this forum Nvidia. But quality of support and availability of good drivers is not in line with product prices.
Of course this is only an opinion (based on use of Ubuntu 20.04 - 20.10 and Windows 10 (with audio problems)).

I disabled secure boot in BIOS and my external monitor started working again just fine.

Yes, I read it. Thanks. I looked into it yesterday. But my Bios does not have a simple option for turning off secure boot.
The setting to disable must be “CSM support”. After disabling this my computer just restarts the Bios.

So I have to solve this problem first before I even can try your solution.

Think it has something to do with UEFI and Legacy.
Last week I went too fast just pasting script suggestions from the internet in my terminal. This resulting more than once in a need for a complete new reinstall of Ubuntu.

All this is no problem I. It’s only for 1.5 weeks now that I use Ubuntu on my main computer. But from now on I intend to do things a bit smarter.

Motherboard is Gigabyte Z270X - Ultra Gaming
Bios F3