Mallocatable default?


Just a simple question as the man page doesn’t say: what is the default for -Mallocatable? The man page lists the two options 95 and 03, but I’m wondering what is the “default” if no -Mallocatable is specified on the command line?

Or, I suppose, is the answer neither if not specified?


Our goal is to eventually make -Mallocatable=O3
as default, once we are convinced the performance of some examples
doesn’t get hurt.

Until then, 95 is the default.


Thanks. I just wasn’t sure from the manpage description. (Note: that’s the macOS manpage. It’s possible it’s laid out in the Linux one more plainly…I’m just in macOS mode at the present.)

And we are slowly moving to use 03 by default here as well.

is not an OS issue. It is a language issue that when implemented
as default, makes programs that do not need the O3 capability
run measurably slower, which is bad.

The ones that do need the capability run correctly, which is good.

If you wish the option to be default, I will determine how to add
it to the siterc file.