Manage colour temperature, gamma with FX3700

My very expensive, very high resolution monitor has only two controls: on/off and brighter/darker.

Manufacturers point to graphics card makers to adjust gamma, colour temperature etc. However, using an FX3700, NVIDIA standard wizerd does not allow colour temperature to be set, demands changes in contrast and does not permit direct gamma adjustment.

The result is a gamma of 2.7, very green biassed. Is there soem more subtle utility that allows one to alter colour curves - for example - and to define the basic gamut that you are working against.

I have around US$4000 worth of equipment at the mercy of a toy utility.

And this is related to CUDA in which way?

If NVIDI offered more comprehensible forum names - what does ‘pimp my rig’ mean to anyone not a US teenager? - I would have written to the correct one. I apologise for your offended sensibilities, but as I have no idea what cuda is, I was at a loss to choose a better forum.

Now, having the virtual testosterone out of the way, does anyone have an answer to my entirely reasonable question?

E. D. Riedijk’s response was perhaps unintentionally curt, but the CUDA forums are read by people who use their graphics cards for number crunching, high performance computing, etc. (“CUDA” is the name of a particular software development toolkit NVIDA provides to write such programs.) People who are knowledgeable about color control are unlikely to read your question here. If you don’t get an answer, that’s why.

well, cuda is about programming graphics cards to do non-graphics things, or something like that… so it has nothing to do at all with your question.

but anyway, those expensive monitors usually have an optional colorimeter including software to calibrate your screen. i’ve never dived deeper into this topic but the two big in this business, namely eizo and lacie (i guess your screen is from one of those), should have appropriate solutions for your problem. have you tried the monitor manufacturer’s support?

Sorry to be so short, it was the second non-CUDA relasted post I read in a row, and since you were complaining I nicely complained back.

Anyhow, Quadro cards should give you adequate support. So I think you should contact the manufacturer of your card (PNY?) or the reseller of your computer., the second item has something about Quadro support on it with lots of links to manufacturers.