Managed data type CUDA fortran example

I have a legacy code which has quite a few derived data types. I have learnt that CUDA 6 onwards, we can use derived data types in device subroutine by using “managed” attribute. I was trying to test a few codes before start modifying the original code. I have the following test code:

module test

! Point Data Type for Arbitrary Mesh
type :: point
integer :: id
double precision, dimension(3) :: coord
end type


attributes(global) subroutine pointRotate(p,b)
implicit none
type(point), intent (inout) :: p(:)
integer :: i1,n1

  n1 = size ( p )
  if(i1<=n1) p(i1)%id = 1.0

end subroutine pointRotate

end module

program reentry

! Header Files
use cudafor
use mpi
use test

implicit none

type(point),managed,allocatable :: p(:)

integer :: ierr ! MPI error
integer :: rank ! Rank of my processor
integer :: commsize ! No of processors
integer :: world ! MPI environment

! GPU data
type (cudaDeviceProp) :: prop
integer :: nDevices=0,n=100,b=1

call MPI_INIT(ierr) ! Initialization of MPI
world = MPI_COMM_WORLD ! Using world instead of longer MPI_…
call MPI_COMM_RANK(world,rank,ierr) ! Who am I?
call MPI_COMM_SIZE(world,commsize,ierr) ! Who are others?

! GPU Device Initialization
ierr = cudaGetDeviceCount(nDevices)


call increment <<<1,n>>> (p)

call MPI_FINALIZE(ierr) ! End of MPI and the Program

end program

I don’t get any error while compiling this code, but however, get a bus error when I run this. Why does this happen?

I have tried to search CUDA Fortran examples on how to implement managed variables but I haven’t found any. Any suggestion on where to get such examples will be appreciable.


There’s no “b” here

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