Mandelbrot demo crashes the driver

Every time I run mandelbrot it crashes the driver when I zoom in quite far.
I am using CUDA 2.1 downloaded last week, running on Vista
with GeForce 8800 GTS

After the crash the driver says it is resetting, but the machine is unstable after that until I reboot.

I cannot put code using CUDA into production until failures like this cannot happen.
Are there things I need to be careful of when writing my own CUDA code to avoid this kind of driver crash?

I can’t imagine a situation where something like this could “never” happen. In any case, it might just be a bug in the code when you zoom in a lot – maybe something to do with overflowing a single precision variable?

From what I’ve seen, crashing the driver is relatively infrequent, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you find a piece of code that makes it crash consistently. Then you can post an error log to the General GPU Computing forum and let the nVidia developers try to figure out the problem.