Manifold pc (with Jetson TX2)

hi everyone!
I have manifold pc ( for dji drones).
I want to install all the Nvidia components on this pc. ( i want to use cuda and opencv for object detection…)
the manifold name: “manifold g-2” (have installed all those things in the table)

I tried to install jetpack 4.4.1 by the Nvidia SDK manager. my host pc recognized the connection and downloaded all the components. when I get to the time that I need to create a new name and password on my manifold the manifols did not react to use keyword/mouse …

my question is: is this the way to install jetpack on my manifold?

I’ve never seen nor worked with one of these, but saw a URL showing this as a TX2, but it is unclear about what the exact carrier board is.

Each carrier board can probably flash as well as another, but to actually boot the software will need to be for that carrier board. The device tree (part of firmware) tells the system where to find various hardware, and how optional routing of copper traces are set up. You’ll need to use the manufacturer’s (the carrier board manufacturer…perhaps DJI) firmware during the flash.

Manufacturers of carrier boards will tend to provide flash software, which is basically just the standard JetPack software with customizations on top of it. Or the standard software might have a patch to apply to the JetPack software prior to flashing. So basically it sounds like you are installing something in need of that customization for the particular carrier board.