Manipulate a 3D printer with G-code in Omniverse

Hi, I am LU Yisheng, a graduate student from National University of Singapore.

I am dealing with a project that requests to build up the assigned lab environment and manipulate the 3D printer with G-code in Omniverse.

Building up the CAD models and importing them into the Omniverse are not difficult. However, having searched the related tutorials on Youtube, I found there seems to be no extension from Omniverse for MasterCAM, where we generate the G-codes and manipulate the 3D printer.

Perhaps I have not discovered much about the Omniverse, and I have succeeded in manipulating the robotic arms with ROS and Moveit thanks to Issac Sim and Create. Based on my previous learning, I could only come up with an idea, which is to treat the 3D printer as a simple robot by assigning the translation joints and rotational joints and then using ROS and Moveit to manipulate the movements of the endpoint.

So I wonder whether I am using the right applications (Issac Sim) or should I turn to other ones, like Code.

Any other inspirations and suggestions would be of great value. Really appreicate!