Manipulate a 3D printer with G-code in Omniverse

Hi, I am a graduate student from National University of Singapore.

I am dealing with a project that requests to build up the assigned lab environment and manipulate the 3D printer with G-code in Omniverse.

Building up the CAD models and importing them into the Omniverse are not difficult. However, having searched the related tutorials on Youtube, I found there seems to be no extension from Omniverse for MasterCAM or Fusion 360, where we generate the G-codes and manipulate the 3D printer.

Perhaps I have not discovered much about the Omniverse, and I have succeeded in manipulating the robotic arms with ROS and Moveit thanks to Issac Sim and Create. Based on my previous learning, I could only come up with an idea, which is to treat the 3D printer as a simple robot by assigning the translation joints and rotational joints and then using ROS and Moveit to manipulate the movements of the endpoint.

So I wonder whether I am using the right applications (Issac Sim) or should I turn to other ones, like Code.

Any other inspirations and suggestions would be of great value. Really appreicate!

Your project sounds very interesting! There is not specific functionality to export G-Code directly from an omniverse scene, but there are a number of ways you might approach your problem.

The easiest way would be to export the elements you would like to print as USDZ files and then import them into Fusion 360 where you can then generate G-Code. That said, most 3d printing software supports the .STL and you can export scenes as .STL files.

Of course, you might be doing robotics research of some kind and it might work best for you to write a custom extension. Here’s a great video that can help you get started in that direction: How to Build an Omniverse Extension in Less Than 10 Minutes - YouTube