Manipulation Gizmo in View

Hi Yah,

I’ve downloaded both View & Create, the main reason for using either is for the creation of Hi-Res renders for Engineering, Archviz & Marketing. In Create you have the Manulpulation Gizmo where you select an entity in your model or you insert something new, with that you can move, rotate & scale. When I select any entity or insert something new to the scene the object is highlighted but there is no Gizmo/Gimbal/XYZ Axis Tool? So that means I can’t do anything with it :( Am I missing something? I prefer View as it has the Auto Focus function rather than Create’s way of doing things long-winded, plus the quick access to setting up exposure for the camera. Which one is going to become more mainstream View or Create? Thanks in advance

Hello @user80834! Welcome to the Community!

From my information here: User Interface — Omniverse View documentation, you should have access to these same gizmos.

I presented your question to the team. We should hear back shortly.

In View, the Orbit command is on by default as noted by the highlight in the Nav Bar.

In Create, the Move command is on by default which means when you pick something, the move triad appears.

In time, it will work as you expect but for the current version in View, you can just click on the arrows icon and then any selection will have that triad displayed.

Hi Yah,

Different terminology, the Gimble/Gizmo/XYZ Axis tool is what you call a Triad. The Triad is what I’m on about when anything is selected it doesn’t appear, see image below of what happens in “View”…


I then try resetting the UI but that doesn’t help :( The next screenshot shows that in Preferences the Gizbo is set to 100% so it’s not been made smaller or off


If I open the same scene in Create it works as expected, see below


Sigh and the forum will only let new users place one embedded image…so I’ve combined them together below

I understood your question. I think my answer may have been too vague.

In View, we have a default command running called Orbit. That is why you can rotate the model with the left mouse button when you start up a session of View. In Create, you have to use the short-cut Alt-Left Mouse Button to do the same (that shortcut works in View as well).

Since we have that Orbit command running, you cannot select anything and thus no triad shows up.

If you get out of the Orbit command, you need to click on the Move command (arrows) in order to have the same default behavior as Create to show the triad on a selected object.

In general, View is more for Review and Create is for Edit.

To get the same behavior in View, do the following:

Does that work for you?

Hi Yah, Unfortunately, I still can’t get the Triad to show, no matter what I try, nothing. Yet as mentioned before I open the same model up in Create and it works fine. For me I’ll stick with Create, it would be nice to see the Auto Focus function and quick exposure adjustment that View has added to Create.

Thanks for the replies :)