Manipulation of Custom Robotic Arm

Trying to mimic simple_joint_control example using a custom robotic arm, consisting of Dynamixel Servos(XM430-350R). Mostly working on Driver part and not the simulation. We’re able to recreate the ipython slider, but failing to control the arm using it.

A gist of errors we’re facing right now,

  1. Lqr failed to find trajectory
    This is when, we pass both Target Joint Position & Speed to LQR from JointControl Codelet.
  2. failed to parse starting speed
    If we only pass in Target Joint Position, this shows up.
  3. Angle Limit & Overload Error
    Not sure what’s exactly causing this.

We passed both 1d & 2d arrays with “values” to LQR Subgraph(values=[position, speed]), but we’re getting above errors. What’s should Driver’s Message(CompoisiteProto) i.e size and format look like, while passing initial joint state & position to LQR Subgraph?

So @nvidia, can you give some pointers on how should one solve this?