Manual for fan control on Drive Software 10 (Noise)?

Dear all,

I’m wondering if you have some hints for the fan control ( for DRIVE software version 10?

After booting our system the fans start turning at high speed (-> loud noise). I’ve seen already the post about the fan controller script “loud fan noise after upgrading to software 9.0” but that is not really helping

General questrion: What should users do if they have a platform with dGPU (the described fix should only be applied to systems without dGPU if I understand correctly?)

Do you have description of the fan control parameters and maybe also a example description for example:

  • Where can we look up the pwm numbers ?
  • Which SOC should be server and which one client?
  • What is meant by “Apply acoustic offset”?
  • What is meant by “Set as member of remote SOC”, “Set as SOC A” etc. ? --> Would that mean we need to set parameters for Tegra A and Tegra B and this CVM?
  • Apply dGPU temperature and Fan curve --> so there is a temperature related fan curve included, then I’m wondering why our system is so loud in idle state in a cool labaratory (enviromental temperature about 23° Celsius)?
  • And what if we accidentally incorrectly set a fan control parameter: does the system have a thermal protection (i.e. shutdown) or do we have to fear a system damage during hot summer times?

Or a a more user friendly script (from my point of view): I just want to keep the noise / fan speed low and it should raise automatically if required. Frankly speaking I don’t care so much about setting every single bit of the system as long it is silent and a thermal protection is included which raises the fan speed if required (keeping the temperature of all cores/system safe). And if possible also preventing a continous change between up / down spinning of the fans (hysteresis) would be also appreciated…

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit
Software Version: Example: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:

Thank you a lot!

For systems with dGPU(s), you still need to take the change as my below post. Thanks!

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