Manual tearing (tearVertex) doesn't work properly for cloth with PhysX 2.8.4

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a problem with manual cloth tearing using PhysX 2.8.4.
Initially I have e.g. this cloth state (with some cuts already applied):
Red circle shows place of interest for this example.

Then I try to apply 2 different cuts (white vector is the cut normal going out of teared vertex, yellow line is the cut plane):

In both cases I get the triangle of interest almost cut out and hanging on single vertex:
And this connecting vertex cannot be torn anymore. I need simulate the scissor incisions on cloth and these vertices, appearing while cutting the cloth along, are really annoying because they look like thin steel threads which cannot be cut at all.

Well, my question is: “Why does it happening and how to avoid it?”

I’ve got some new information about the problem.
My test case is shown on this picture
If I cut vertices 2130, 2072 and 3382 together at one frame, vertex 580 can’t be cut anymore using any normal. And any triangles having this vertex in them won’t be able to be cut out. Honestly, I suppose that this is some kind of internal bug in PhysX tearing mechanism. If I cut any 2 of 2130, 3382 and 2072, vertex 580 can be cut easily.

But I still need to find some walkaround for this problem.