Manual way to connect to TGD?

I have some devices rooted using SuperSU, I think they are not fullly rooted, because:

adb root


adbd cannot run as root in production builds

I need to run

adb shell



so it’s not possiable to Launch APK or Attach from TGD server side, and I think maybe it’s possiable to start app from mobile side manually and I try this:

cd /data/local/tmp/tgd/lib/

and it shows some usage:

Usage: [run-as <target package>] ./Injector <pid> <library> <entry point function> [<params>]

Is this possiable and may i know how to use this? :)

Hi there,

What device are you using?
TGD does support debugging on non-rooted devices if the apk is debuggable.
Btw, TGD checks whether the device is rooted by running

adb root
adb shell id

if it shows “uid=0(root) gid=0(root)”, the device is rooted. Otherwise it is non-rooted

Thanks for your reply, I add debuggable=true and TGD now works, great!

Btw, TGD 2.4’s menu Help->Documention navigate to the old 2.0 doc, very confusing.