Manually Flashing TX2 Freezes (No Error - Timeout)

log.txt (300.6 KB)

Brand new TX2, have tried flashing it with pretty much any image I can find, but the process always hangs at the very end before timing out. No output on display, sdkmanager also fails to flash.

No idea where to go from here.

Once you download the image and the GUI says image is ready, go to the download folder where there is a script. You need to run that flash script from host os. The instructions on how to run it is in TX2 dev ket guidebook.

That’s what I did.
Is there a way to get a better log of why/where the process hangs?

Right now it just freezes at Writing partition bpmp-fw with bpmp_sigheader.bin.encrypt

Having it fail there every time tends to say it probably is a hardware issue, but can you confirm you are not using a VM, and that the USB cable used is the provided micro-B USB cable, along with a dev kit carrier board? If not, then you might have an actual hardware problem, but if this is the case, I’d still recommend deleting the entire “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory content, and unpacking and installing the driver package and sample rootfs (followed by the “sudo ./” command) again and just testing if something is bad in the actual install software.

Note: When using JetPack/SDKM this download and install of driver package and sample rootfs, plus, is just done for you, but the packages are available individually.

Am still OP, was logged into wrong account
Original post lacked a lot of details so:

  • Using ubuntu 18.04LTS running on a dell xps 13 9370
  • USB is provided micro-B but with USB-A to USB-C converted to interface with the laptop
  • This problem persists for two different TX2 boards we have, both revision C02 (Which makes me suspect it’s a me problem and not a board problem)
  • Was following the manual flash instructions at:
  • Command I am using is just sudo .\flash jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1
  • The GUI sdkmanager gets similarly stuck at 99.0% flash and then times out after ~10 minutes.
  • As in the .txt it looks like system build works and system-image flashes but bpmp-fw hangs

I suspect this combination is indeed a problem. Do you have another host PC you can test flash from? If not, then do you have a HUB which accepts type-A, and has a type-C you can use with the host PC without using that adapter? This might isolate the USB signal in a way that gets rid of the hang if it is signal related.

I have another potential host PC with type-A ports, will see if problem persists.

Flashing with other host PC works, same setup (even used the same liveboot usb as for my laptop).

For anyone who finds this thread, USB type-A to type-C conversion seem to be no bueno for flashing (at least with my xps).

Final update for anyone reading, bought a direct type-c to micro USB cable and it works fine.