Maple software and CUDA on scientific computation How to run the maple computations on GPU


despite a lot of search over the web, forums and resources on GPU computation and CUDA, i’m not being able to answer the question:

Are there any implementations, codes, packages or plugins for running maple computations on the GPU?

I am a mathematician, just bought a 9800GX2 and would greatly appreciate to speed up my algorithms with CUDA resources on the Maple Symbolic Package.

Could you help me, give any directions?

I heard about some implementations of cuda on mathlab, but for Maple (from maplesoft) i couldn’t find anything!

Thank you guys!


I’m mostly familiar with Matlab, but I’ve dabbled in Maple (I’m a math student)…I don’t know if Maple has any CUDA acceleration available in the same way Matlab has Accelereyes’ Jacket, but if you can call external code from Maple, then you can code some libraries in CUDA (C/C++) and use them with Maple.