MapNet signs on the ground plane


On the introduction page ( of Drive Networks, MapNet is demonstrated to detect the road signs on the ground plane as well. However, the sample applications utilizing the MapNet (landmark_perception) does not seem to have this feature activated. Is there a way to activate this feature?

Also curious about the features mentioned in the Drive Labs series, like panoptic segmentation: Is there a timeline for the availability of these features?

Hi Göksan,

Please register issue on NVonline for these questions, then you can get support from NVonline. Or please contact with region NVIDIA representative for more details directly.


Dear goksan.isil,
You can see road signs getting detected in sample_landmark_detection_by_regressor sample. The videos we post in Drive Labs to show our on going research work and will be available in future releases. Unfortunately, currently we do not have exact timelines on features.

Thanks for the quick reply Siva. I just wanted to confirm that these are ongoing work.