mapping I2C name in dts with I2C device node

I2C buses of TX1 show as “/dev/i2c-0” ~ “/dev/i2c-6” but in dts they are named as “i2c@7000c400”, “i2c@546c0000”, …

What is mapping between I2C name and device node?

Thanks in advance.

In the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) there are multiple interchangeable controllers of any given type. The “@7000c400” is the TRM’s listing of an i2c controller reached at that base address; the controllers appear in order in the TRM, so i2c-0 would be the first controller’s base address. To see which addresses are listed, the TRM is found at:

Or search under Tegra X1 here:

That’s exactly what I was looking for.


gen1 i2c number ?