"Marble" contest in Italy

Is there a reason why Italy is excluded from the list of countries of the “Create with Marble” contest?
Is there a possibility to partecipate anyway from Italy?

Hi E! Thanks for the great question. I am researching this for you but unfortunately, official contests such as this often have legal requirements and a country’s laws may restrict our ability to support it there (as much as we would love to!).

Although you may not be able to participate in the contest, you are of course free to create a scene and share your work to inspire others. Have you started working with Omniverse Create already?

Either way, I will keep you updated on any additional info I can find.

Hi @emendizabal

Can you please check about Sweden as well? All the Nordic/Scandinavian countries are listed except Sweden which is strange.

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Hi HaiderOfSweden, I checked and unfortunately, there are no changes for eligible countries. However, we are working hard to support additional countries in the future. I am sorry!