Marble RTX demo rendered without expected transparency and caustics

I’ve just set up a new system with a RTX3080 12GB GPU. For testing purpose I installed Omniverse and Marbles RTX demo within it. But I noticed that the glass marbles are rendered with opaque shadows, which is different from expected, since there are lots of screenshots showing transparency and caustics effects, as well as shown in the splash screen of the Marbles RTX itself.

I wonder if anything is wrong and what could be done to correct it.

Brief system config:

  • Intel 12700K CPU
  • RTX 3080 12GB from MSI
  • 32GB memory
  • Windows 11
  • Game ready driver 512.15 (latest)

A screenshot and a copy of the full logs of Marbles RTX are attached.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

kit_20220407_101247.log (1.4 MB)

Hello @felix_int! WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! So happy to have you join the family!

Take a peek at this forum post to check your render settings: Playing with Caustics in Create and let me know if that helps.

Hi @WendyGram , thanks for your reply. I’ve read that post before, and was aware of the settings of lights and renderers for the effects. But Marbles RTX appears to be a standalone demo application with no user interface to adjust any settings.

Hi @WendyGram , any new development? Is there any settings that I can adjust for the Marbles RTX demo?