Marbles contest rules - questions


Is it allowed in this contest to import some png files on a plane for example or some hdri to build a background or are we strictely allowed to use only what omniverse can provide ?

Thanks !


Hi Salviah! Only the assets provided in the Marbles RTX set are eligible. You can read the official rules here: Omniverse Create - Marbles RTX Set Contest- Official Rules

I was reading the rules and there are contradictions.
Under judging it states this:

…First place winner will receive an NVIDIA RTX A6000 and will have their rendered image featured as the key visual and splash screen image for Omniverse Create within the Omniverse Launcher and on digital marketing materials (with credit). Second place will receive a GeForce 3080 RTX and promotion via social media. Third place will receive a GeForce 3070 RTX

But the prizes are as below (and stated on the promotional web page):

● 1st Place: NVIDIA RTX A6000 …
● 2nd Place: GeForce 3090 RTX…
● 3rd Place: GeForce 3080 RTX

I assume this is an obvious typo but it seemed important to bring it up. It confused me when I first saw it until I read further.

Thank you for noticing this mistake makit3d! I have let the team know. We will have the correction up shortly!

@salviah My previous post was wrong. You are allowed to create your own HDRI with an image as part of the lighting process. I apologize for the confusion.

Hi Wendy,

Just to clarify your answer to Salviah, can we use assets outside of the Marbles Set? Can we add a chair or a room of our own or whatever to the scene? Maybe even from the other example assets like the OldAttic Set?

Also, the marbles included in the Marbles Set are not the ones in the demo. The latter are transparent. Is there a way to get those or should we create our own?


Hi @estraulino

Here is more clarification of the rules:


  • Only assets included in the provided Marbles RTX set
  • Moving, Scaling, and Rotating existing Marbles RTX assets
  • Duplicating Marbles RTX Assets
  • Altering models can ONLY be done using Omniverse Create
  • Changing existing lighting
  • Assigning a new HDRI map
  • Assigning new materials to the provided Marbles RTX assets
  • Modifying existing materials in the Marbles RTX assets
  • Create new Cameras
  • Adjust Camera Settings
  • Use Create primitive shapes as object placement guides (like map lights or HDRI)


  • Importing new assets not included in the Marbles RTX set
  • Adding new Geometry (Only duplication of the Marbles RTX assets is allowed)
  • Using Create primitive shapes as assets in the scene
  • Using extensions such as Flow USD

Question about submitting to the contest. It says “Asset Location (url)” Do we upload a zip file with the scene USD, render and custom HDRI if we use one? or only a url to the final render?


We need your entire scene in USD. You can find more information on this in this post Questions regarding Marbles-contest file-upload