Marege datasets

Is there any way to marge the downloaded dataset and the created dataset from Hello AI world? If I down load a dataset for 5 different classes and I want to add another class, will that be possible?

Hi @cespedesk, do you mean for classification dataset? If so, yes you can simply add new class folder.

If you mean for detection dataset, unfortunately it is not simple to combine Google Open Images dataset, and I have not tried this before.

Hi dusty, yes I mean detection. I manage to download open images in kitti and transform it to voc witch is the camera-capture format. I am currently trying to merge both sets. It will be very useful in order to combine complex shapes that require big datasets like people and less common objects like cpus or jetson-nano.Thanks for your response.

If you manage to get it in Pascal VOC format, then the two Pascal VOC datasets should be easier to merge - just make sure that the image ID’s don’t overlap (i.e. the images and XML annotation files have different filenames between the datasets). Then you can merge the ImageSet lists.

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