Mark Unity assets to export as separate USD files?

I would like to export scenes from Unity, which generally works (with some known feature gaps). But I would like to build up a library of “assets” (like plants, paving, furniture, etc). I don’t want the mesh repeated per usage, I want each instance of a particular Birch tree to reference the same file. So it should end up with an “assembly” (a hierarchy of objects grouped to make a complex scene easier to understand), and assets (trees, furniture etc).

Further, I may reuse the same assets across multiple Unity projects (e.g. a download from the Unity asset store). Ultimately I want to build up a “library” of such assets separate to a particular project.

In the original Unity scene, the assets are things like prefabs or FBX files. Prefab references then include an override of the position in the scene.

Are there any plans to support this in the connector? Best I could imagine without this is to write a post-processing script that runs over the USD file to try and spot the assets and deduplicate them as much as possible.

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We are developing support for USD Export Payload and References.