Marvell SDIO wireless module NOT working on Jetson TK1

I owned a Marvell SDIO wireless module which I inserted to SD slot of Jetson TK1 does not work on L4T. I did command as ‘dmesg’ that didn’t have message about device detected.
The Marvell SDIO wireless module drivers has been loaded on L4T before I inserted module board to SD slot. So, I really don’t know why the L4T not detected the new device.
Please help me to figure out it. Thank you so much !! :)

Even though I think this forum is the correct one for your question, you may try the one officially pointed in the Jetson documentation:

There was a problem with many mini-PCIe wifi cards that they were not enabled until a GPIO was manually turned on (although I think the cards themselves were visible…).

Thank you so much! :)

Hi ,

Were you able to detect the Marvell SDIO module? I am also trying to interface the Marvell SDIO wireless card but i am facing some problems.