Mass Flash failed for jetson nano

I attempted to use the mass flash tool in the L4T but I get the following while generation the signed binary:

copying tegrarcm_v2 … cp: cannot stat ‘…/tegrarcm_v2’: No such file or directory

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see attached log.

How can I solve this
nvmassflass_log (13.4 KB)

I don’t have any experience with mass flash. One thing I do see though, is that the file it cannot find is part of the host PC flash software. If you cd to:

…what do you then see for:
ls -l ./tegrarcm_v2

Hi @ridwanriley,

Hope you are doing well. I saw that you are using a Jetson Nano board with emmc. Maybe you can try follow the instructions in How to fast flash jetson nano module - #2 by andres.campos, from step 3.1.

I hope this information is of value to you. Please, let us know how it goes!

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Thanks @linuxdev .

I have been able to resolve this issue and generated the image but it can’t get flashed to the device.

See attached the log of the mass imageblob generation
mass_flash_log (17.3 KB)

However, it fails whenever I try to flash the board with the Image using:

sudo ./ --showlogs

See attached flash_log_mass
flash_log_mass (1.6 KB)
and mfi_log.

I also noticed that if I use -y PKC flag with my nvmassflashgen script like so:

sudo ./ -x 0x21 -u rsa_priv.pem jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p1

it fails; from the errors, it shows that the -y flag is not available for the command but this command is stated in the Linux_for_Tegra/README_Massflash.txt

mfi_log (2.7 KB)

Thanks for your response @EduardoSalazar96.

I will try the guide and revert.


Thanks for sharing the link, it would improve my development cycle.

However, I already enabled secure boot on this device; so I have to provide keys when flashing the Image to the board, which I already did.

From the mfi_log (attached above), I can see that ebt verification failed, I don’t know why this is happening despite providing private key while generating the flash blob.

Maybe I am missing something here.

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hello ridwanriley,

it looks you got failure when creating a massflash image tarball.
this tegrarcm_v2 is included in the default Jetpack release image.

what’s your environment setup for running the process?
you may using SDK Manager - NVIDIA Developer to setup the development environment.


Yes, I was getting this error Initially but the error went away after signing the images using the --no-flash flag.

Now, I can generate mass flash blobs but it does not get flashed to the board successfully. Please take a look at the attached logs.


There is no log at your post, please check again. Thanks

I mean the logs attached to my first post, see the attachment named flash_log_mass.


Hi @ridwanriley

Sorry for the late response. I do not really sure why …/tegrarcm_v2, in order to do that I need to replicate the issue on my side, and at this moment I do not have a Jetson Nano with emmc on my side. Sorry about that.

I hope you can solve this issue.
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@EduardoSalazar96 ,

Thanks for your response.

The task has been deprioritized for now, will pick it up sometimes later.

Appreciate your contribution.