Mass matrices supported on the GPU?

The documentation here says:

It says that mass matrices are not supported on the GPU yet.

However, I am wondering if this documentation is out of date? I am able to run both of these on the command line:

~/isaacgym/python/examples$ python --pos_control 1 --orn_control 1 --pipeline=cpu
~/isaacgym/python/examples$ python --pos_control 1 --orn_control 1 --pipeline=gpu

They are giving me qualitatively similar behavior. For example here is how the GPU version looks like on my machine:

I can confirm that the CPU version is using a lot of my CPUs (as evident from htop) while the GPU version does not use as many CPUs, and printing the mass matrix tensors shows that the values are on cuda:0 device.

Thus is the GPU version working or am I misunderstanding? I am using isaacgym version 1.0rc4.