Mass/Power Specs for Drive PX 2

Could you point me to a data sheet that contains the mass and power specs for the Drive PX 2 for fully autonomous driving?

Specifically, I am looking for the mass of the unit as well as power consumption characteristics (e.g. min, max, consumption increase as more sensors are added, consumption increase as vehicle speed is increased, etc).

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Hello jimAV1,

Actually we provide DrivePX2 datasheets and spec sheets via NVONLINE.
So could you please ask your NVIDIA account team to post the spec sheet? Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

I appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately I am not familiar with NVONLINE or the NVIDIA account team.

Would it be possible to have the spec sheet sent to me directly? Or to have the mass and min/max power consumption posted here?

Your help is much appreciated and will be key to advancing my research!

Hello jimAV1,

Unfortunately it is not possible to send our spec to customer directly via e-mail.
Are you using DrivePX2? If yes, maybe I think you got already an access permission for NVONLINE.
If not, please contact your local NVIDIA team. Thanks.