Mass storage information. What is the meaning of the differents mass partitions?

Hi! I have many doubts about the mass storage system of the Nvidia Drive AGX Xavier, and I have not found anything clear either in the documentation or in the forums.

My first question is, how many GB does the total mass storage have?

I have found that each Xavier has 32 GB of storage, however, when I analyze the hard drive partitions, I have found that the total size is higher but I do not understand the meaning of all those partitions.

So, my second question is, what is the purpose of each of these partitions?

I attach a screenshot with the information of the mass partitions


Thanks in advance.


Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit
Software Version: DRIVE Software 10
Host Machine Version: native Ubuntu 18.04
SDK Manager Version:

Hi @josecarlos.garciamoreno,

Some are common in Ubuntu. Below are for the two partitions. Thanks!

“/dev/vblkdev2” : the primary GPT partition for the storage device
“/dev/vblkdev3” : for OTA packages

Hi @VickNV, thank you for your response.

So, I imagine the partition table is for a single xavier. So what would be the maximum storage capacity that Nvidia Drive AGX Xaviers has?


Please refer to DRIVE AGX Developer Kit Product Brief (PDF) to see if you can get what you want. Thanks!