Massflashing with different FAB versions


We are running into an a problem at our factory. Some of the Jetsons coming of the production line are stuck at 204MHz EMC frequency. We found that the problematic modules have FAB code 301. When generating our massflash archive we use FAB code 100. This is with L4T 32.6.1. Could this lead to the problems we see with the RAM?

Is it possible to generate a massflash archive that supports all different versions of the same module? If we for example generate a massflash archive for FAB 301, would it also work with the older ones? Or do we need to keep a set of massflash archives one for each FAB code?



I just generated a massflash archive for FAB code 301, and flashed it onto my old Jetson with FAB code 100. It now also has the EMC frequency stuck at 204 MHz.

How can we create an archive that works for all modules?

32.6.1 has some problem. Please try to use 32.7.3 directly.

Can you confirm that with 32.7.3 I will be able to generate a single massflash archive that works for all FAB versions of the Jetson Xavier NX 8GB?

It should work.

Thanks, will try that and report back here.

We are now ready to do the upgrade to 32.7.3. What FAB and BOARDREV code should we use when running

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