Massfuse on Xavier NX board

hello AkterHossain,

is this Xavier-NX program fuse before, is this your 1st time to burn the fuse?
if yes, you’re having incorrect command-line.

when you running in offline mode, it doesn’t need a Jetson platform, so you’ll need to assign board info to let script understand the details.
in the meanwhile, this --auth option is only needed in offline mode, it’s indicating the current fuse status of the board. there’re three options need to enabled all together for the offline approach, (a) board info, (b) --noburn, (c) --auth.
besides, please have a try for using, here’s sample command to create PKC fuse blob for a non-fused Xavier NX.
$ sudo BOARDID=<boardid> BOARDSKU=<sku> FAB=<fab> ./ --noburn -i 0x19 --auth NS -p -k <PKC Key file> jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc

please see-also Topic 158361, we had confirmed fuse and flashing works on Xavier NX eMMC.