Massive sudden FPS drop on linux (OpenSUSE 15.4) on RTX3060Ti


While playing games on linux (it happens on many games) I experience sudden very massive FPS drop. Currently playing Hogwarts legacy and the drop is from ~60FPS to ~15 while not changing location or scene. The drop seems to be connected to some trigger points after which the GPU utilization jumps suddenly to 100% and seems to stay there (even though the temperature and fan utilization is very low). For example in Hogwarts Legacy the trigger point is just to access the map and return back to game.
After this happens there is no way I found to get back to normal state other then restart the game. I am using KDE X11 on OpenSUSE 15.4, but I tried different GUIs and it is always the same. Also on Windows the game works fine and nothing like this happens.
I created bug report after one such incident and I attached it.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (618.7 KB)
Can you help me how to find out what is causing the issue and how to fix it?

According to nvidia-smi, it seems the gpu is busy with transferring enormous amounts of data over the pcie bus. Since the video momory seems to be full, I guess it’s this bug:

Maybe check if limiting available vmem helps: