Mastering String Transformations in RAPIDS libcudf

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Learn how RAPIDS libcudf accelerates data science with optimized string processing algorithms and explore techniques for writing your own custom string transformations.

To run the examples, first build:

user@123:~/cudf/cpp/examples# ./

and then execute:

user@123:~/cudf/cpp/examples/strings# ./build/libcudf_apis names.csv
table: 20 rows 2 columns
Wall time: 0.00108626 seconds
Output size 133 bytes

Check it out!

I’m happy to share that we now have a cuDF-python implementation of the “redact” strings transformation. In this case, cuDF uses the libcudf strings API to deliver excellent acceleration.

Please see our new notebook for more information: GitHub - shwina/cudf-string-examples: Examples of working with strings in cuDF