Material imported from Unreal Engine - how to edit?

I downloaded these excellent free sand materials:

Then I converted them in UE4 with Omniverse connector to MDL materials.
I can drag these sand materials on my plane in Machinima :) Great!

But how can I finetune the materials, like native Omniverse materials I have the Albedo Add, Brightness and Color Tint. They are so good tools.

With these imported MDL materials I have only the tiling setting as you can see from the above screen capt.

@pekka.varis The easiest way to edit a MDL that was exported from UE4 is to make the changes that you want in UE4 first and then re-export the MDL. For example, if you wanted to add a base color ‘Brightness’ parameter that would show up on the MDL in Machinima, you would need to add it to the master material network in UE4 first as a named scalar parameter. Then, it will be exported as a parameter of the MDL when the material is exported from UE4 and would show up for you in Machinima.

I think what I am going to do is make a nice collection of metals & glass materials in UE and then just export that simple UE scene to Omniverse, so I can always drop that collection of materials to Machinimas as USD file.

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I decided to stick with Nvidia sample materials for now, I finally am able to use them:

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