Mathematical CUDA App for Pi

Is it possible to develop a mathematical application built on CUDA to calculate pi? If so, are there developers that specialize in CUDA coding?

One could certainly compute pi using CUDA. And, yes, there are developers that specialize in CUDA, although I don’t see what that has to do with computing pi.

Well, I’m basically trying to find a developer who can create a pi-calculating program for me based on CUDA. I wanted to know if calculating pi is something that CUDA is capable of doing. Would you happen to know a site where one can find CUDA developers? :)

Well, there’s the CUDA employment forum:

Just what I was looking for. Thanks! =)

not the best algo but easy

it s give pi/2

Sub a()

Const taille = 5  '<--- change

Dim ta1(taille) As Long

For i = 1 To taille

   ta1(i) = 0

Next i

ta1(1) = 1

For i = taille * 11 To 1 Step -1

For j = taille To 1 Step -1

      ta1(j) = ta1(j) * i + reste

      reste = 0

      If ta1(j) > 10000 Then

         reste = Int(ta1(j) / 10000)

         ta1(j) = ta1(j) - reste * 10000

      End If

   Next j

reste = 0

   For j = 1 To taille

      reste2 = (ta1(j) + reste * 10000) Mod (2 * i + 1)

      ta1(j) = Int((reste * 10000 + ta1(j)) / (2 * i + 1))

      reste = reste2

   Next j

ta1(1) = ta1(1) + 1

reste = 0

Next i

For i = 1 To taille

 Cells(i, 1) = ta1(i)

Next i

End Sub

Thank you! I just have one question now… How do I get this to calculate pi? I see this is an algorithm, so how do I get this into an application? Would it still be best for me to hire a developer?

OK, I’m kind of curious, if you don’t mind my asking. Why do you want to hire a developer to write a CUDA program to calculate pi? :)

If this is just for fun, a monte carlo algorithm will probably be the easiest.

I’m working on a project (super top-secret) and I need to calculate 50M digits of pi. ;)

No, really… I seriously need to calculate that. And I seriously need 50M digits.

Find the first billion digits for download here:

if you need only 50m try that

50M in 189 seconde without cuda :)

and the new version best of best in world

i have dont try i dont have system 64