MatLab and 8800GTX Discussion about GPU usage for MatLab

Hi everyone!

I want to know is there a way to speed up MatLab computations by using single or dual 8800 GTX.I’m making a really huge computations and seeking a way to make them faster. If it’s not possible now are there any plans for future MatLab versions to use GPU computing?


Yes it is possible.

I don’t think that much has been done with CUDA yet but I have seen a rapid mind or peak stream implementation that saw a massive speed up for some (mainly matrix) calculations. I just can’t remember where i saw it!

One forum post I found of someone who had used CUDA is here and Nvidia revelaed today that there were plans for a matlab plug-in, full article here.


Instructions on how to build mex files that call CUDA code and examples will be available with 1.0