MATLAB crashed in emulation mode MATLAB crashes at device memory allocation

Hi all:

I started developing small applications for CUDA and I’m exited. My samples work very well therefore I’d like to take a step forward. So far, I used CUDA’s emulation mode for debugging.
My next steps is an interface for MATLAB, this means I’d like to use the MATLAB Plunging with a MEX interface:
Unfortunately I have there a problem with the emulation mode. Compiling works well, but if I call my MEX file MATLAB crashes at the point, where device memory is allocated.
There shouldn’t be a bug in the source because I just run in the mex procedure the same code than in a previous example without MEX. Furthermore it is working without the emulation mode.

CUDA 2.3
gcc (Ubuntu 4.3.3-5ubuntu4) 4.3.3
MATLAB 2007b

Has somebody an idea how to solve this issues?

Thanks a lot.