Matlab DLL


Is there anyone who have successfully been able to produce a callable library/DLL for Matlab (which feature like a simple cuda-kernel call etc)? Im asking since I’ve spent a huge amount of hours and encountered so many problems. Ive seen the Matlab plugin project, but I’m more interested in a real library/DLL. It shouldnt matter much, but im using Matlab 7.

Please if you have a working project, post it here!

Thank you so much for your input!

I wrote plugin for MATLAB 7 several months ago to do matrix operations. At that time only driver API was suitable to write DLL with CUDA support.

Here I port that very simple code. (17.5 KB)

Hi Andrey!

Thanks a lot! Ive had a look at the project and its great!

Compiling it with VC2005 however, no CUDA specific code seem to be recognized though, was there something special you needed to do for this to happend?

Looking forward to your reply.


I used CUDA 0.8 SDK at that time with VS2005. All I did was to properly set environment variables.

Please, send me the compiler output in a forum private message. I’ll try to help you.