Matlab plugin for 1.1

Now that Cuda 1.1 is released, will Nvidia release an updated Matlab plugin? Last time I checked it was not working with Cuda 1.1 (at least the example code)

Yes, an updated version (for both Windows and Linux) will be posted shortly.

Super! I do not see a lot of people here using it, but me for one will probably use cuda 90% of the time in combination with matlab, to speed up our calculations.

Same here. I (hopefully) will incorporate cuda with Matlab as much as possible.

I can tell you that I have been quite succesful up to now. I have ported a small part of a simulation to CUDA and am running 10x as fast overall now. (with a Quad-Core 3,66 GHz & 8800GTX on Matlab 2007b)

I am now in the process of porting a complete algorithm to C&CUDA, I sometime find some minor nuisances and hard to debug errors in my code, but overall it is going quite nice.

After I tidy it up a bit I will post my mexcutil.h (derived from cutil.h) which prints error messages and stuff into the matlab window. That way all CUDA_SAFE_CALL macros also work in mexfiles. Maybe it can even be incorporated into cutil.h, I’ll have to check.