Matlab R2008a plugin for CUDA (Linux) And a beginner help needed too


I read in the forums that the CUDA plugin for Matlab available at: ( isn’t suitable for R2008a version of Matlab.
And I found this ( plugin for R2008a on WinXP.

I want to know if there is a separate one for Linux because I read in the documentation that is different in the older versions. The files in that link are for nvmexopts.BAT, so I guess I need a different .sh file for linux.
If so where can I get a R2008a CUDA plugin for Linux.

Also, I would like someone to breifly explain how to use the plugin.
Do I need to run any script or install anything before running the >>nvmex -f nvexopts.bat … ?

Also which guide should I follow? The README.txt in the plugin library or the documentation (Accelerating Matlab with CUDA using Mex files)?

Thank you very much.

Hmm, I think I am using the standard matlab plugin from the CUDA website. I don’t think I needed to change anything and am now also using it in 2008b (did not try 2009a preview yet)

personally, I am using the makefile to compile my CUDA code.