Matlab/Simulink Code Deployment unto Nvidia Tegra TK!

Is it possible to deploy a simulink model unto the nvidia tegra tk1 ? Currently there is support to deploy code to raspberry pi, beaglebone, etc. Is it possible to deploy simulink models to nvidia gpus ?

If yes, any well documented examples I can follow ?



My understanding is currently native Matlab binaries are not provided for interactively running Matlab sessions on ARM, but I do believe something from MathWorks is in the works to support the platform. This is referring to running Matlab environment from the Jetson.

If you are referring to synthesis using ARM Coder or Simulink Coder, you may want to refer to this page and may find it helpful to contact MathWorks support for further information regarding their product and ARM support. Jetson TK1 uses ARM Cortex-A15, which is not explicitly called out on their page above but may be intended.

Regarding GPU support, there are CUDA-accelerated functions included in Matlab (generally prefixed with the letter ‘g’), like in the Image Processing Toolbox since R2010B.