matrixMulDrv fails, when copied ? wrong results

Impressed by the unbelievable speed…

I have just started using CUDA (with Linux SUSE 10.3, gcc 4.1, Phenom X4, GF8800GS). Works great, but when I copy and execute the matrixMulDrv-exefile away from the release directory, I get wrong results (Test FAILED, matrix elements = 0).

Is this a known problem or is my installation not OK ?

Has somebody else experienced this problem ?

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I have the same problem. I don’t know what the problem is but I expect that the examples are dependent on some other part of the SDK

So nothing to worry about.



By default, the .cubin file must be in the directory where the executable is launched. Otherwise cuModuleLoad will fail with a not-found error.

Yes, something is missing. But it does not seem to be the .cubin file.

By the way, some programs cannot run either if the exefile is renamed.

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OK, you need a subdirectory named “data” with the corresponding .cubin-file:

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