Maturiy of ISAAC SDK for commercial project

Could You tell me, what is the maturity of ISAAC SDK for real commercial project. Is any real, stable product based on ISAAC SDK.

Where I can find the roadmap for new releases of ISAAC SDK. What will be the new features, etc.

Hi Maciej,

Before I answer this question can you please clarify what you mean by “real commercial project”?

There are several projects using Isaac for commercial roll out. But have not announced yet.

We have not published a roadmap as we are constantly incorporating customer/dev community requirements into our planning. Next release is targeted in a couple of months. Will include manipulation capabilities/algorithms, support for ML workflows using Isaac Sim, Python APIs to access Isaac GEMS and more.

We would love to hear what specifically you are looking for.


I can’t answer for Maciej but I can tell you my hesitation to Isaac versus ROS+ MoveIt+Gazebo is in the following areas:
Version support/Package management
A working walk-through
Isaac 3D sim that allows external UDRF
A breakdown of the security aspects available for intrusion prevention

I like where Isaac is going but I feel like there isn’t complementary sample robots and digestible documentation like ROS has provided.


Thank you for your feedback.

  1. Version support/Package management. Could you please elaborate on this?
  2. Working walk through. Are you looking for a tutorial? We will be coming up with a number of developer blogs soon. Hopefully that will help. If you can specifically point out the areas you would like to see walk throughs that’d help.
  3. Allowing external URDF. Yes, this is possible.
  4. Security - You may want to check the security features in our Jetson platform for ideas (JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer)

Thank you!