Max. allowed trace length for GbE signals


We are designing custom carrier board based on Jetson Xavier NX SOM module.
We have a query related to Gigabit Ethernet signals trace length.
As per design guide of NX SOM module, max. allowed trace length is 109mm.
While in our board, this limit is exceeding & actual trace length is coming around 160mm.
Can we go ahead with above trace length?
Is there any trace loss characteristic defined for GbE signals?

Vishal Dhanani

The max trace length should be followed well. Please change your layout design.

Is there any maximum trace loss characteristics defined for GbE signals?

What do you mean " trace loss characteristics "? All layout requirement are listed in the guideline in design guide.

For example, in HDMI interface it is mentioned that Trace loss should be <0.4 dB/in.@1.5GHz.
Such information is not provided for Ethernet interface in design guide.

No such data for Ethernet. The key point is to keep impedance and less than max trace length as DG stated.

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